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Having been a cadet for nearly 9 years and member of staff for over 25 years, I can quite categorically say that I have experienced many things, gained and developed skills and interests that had I not been involved in the Air Training Corps, I would almost certainly have not.

The Air Training Corps offers all manner of opportunities: flying (powered and gliding), sports, adventurous activities, foreign travel among many others. It all comes down to you and how much you are prepared to put in, the more effort you put in, the greater the rewards and opportunities you will be offered. Put the effort in and you might just amaze yourself at what you can achieve. You will make friends with people from outside your school and the local area, many of these friendships may last all of your life. Plus you will see and do things that your mates will not.

In the current world many young people have lots of qualifications, so getting involved in something that will allow you to develop more than just your academic side and something to make your CV stand out from the crowd, can only be a good thing.

However the Corps is not just limited to young people. There are opportunities for adults (20+) to join as staff and pass on their skills, knowledge and interests to young people, plus get many opportunities to extend their own skills and or acquire new skills and interests.

Flight Lieutenant DF Mortimer RAFVR(T)
Commanding Officer 1582 Squadron

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